Scott Yancey

About Scott Yancey In Details

Purchasing real-estate has been a way to wealth for a extended time, but it wasn't until the release of popular TV shows like A&E's "Flipping Vegas" that the strategies utilized by these businesspeople-and the trials and tribulations they experienced-were on display for several to see (and perhaps learn from).

Based on the TV show's success, "Flipping Vegas" star Scott Yancey launched his type of real-estate investing seminars hosted all around the world, so that he could help others achieve success. How? By teaching proven investment strategies about making "your hard earned money benefit you." While all these seminars can teach vastly different content, Scott typically is targeted on four key areas:

  • Residential real-estate
  • Commercial real-estate
  • Tax liens & tax deeds
  • Multiple income streams

Is this what you'll really get, though? If you only started researching Scott Yancey and his seminars, we'll be totally upfront: you're likely to locate large amount of negative reviews-including here on HighYa, many that continually reference the same problems. But is this feedback necessarily warranted? Exactly what do we study on it (here's a trace: If your primary goal is to obtain a free lunch or learn everything you need to know from the free seminar, you may end up disappointed.)? And by using this information, who might these seminars work best for?

We'll address every one of these important questions-and explain why we stumbled on the conclusions we did-in this review. Let's start by speaing frankly about Scott Yancey reviews himself.